Will AMC and GameStop Soon Accept Dogecoin?

Will AMC and GameStop Soon Accept Dogecoin?

No, this headline is not clickbait. I am being dead serious when I speculate…AMC movie theaters and GameStop may soon accept Dogecoin. Based on recent events, this seems not only probable but imminent, given the rapid adoption and newfound love for the meme crypto of the millenium. And that is great news for AMC stock and GameStop stock. I doubt that the move pump this week is based off of this hypothesis, but if you are an AMC or GME “ape” with “diamond hands” that loves the Doge…you are DEFINITELY going to want to read this. Below we will examine recent events and correlate them to my hypothesis, then run a technical analysis of both stocks and doge (MUCH BULLISH!!!). Check out why I believe AMC and GameStop may soon accept Dogecoin!

Recent Events

It goes without saying that the “meme stock” phenomenon” is alive and well. The rapid adoption and “diamond hands” ideology toward assets like dogecoin, AMC stock and GME stock have scored a lot of big gains for many. Some have even become millionaires on this hilarious trend. However, for people like myself that have seen these kinds of things before, I am taking a somewhat more serious approach.

By that I mean…dogecoin adoption is coming. And it might be YUGE (and profitable).

IF you think I am joking, check out Elon Musk’s latest tweet on the subject:

This is one of many in a long series of tweets that have sent Doge skyrocketing about 20,000% from the recent lows. Yes, 20,000%…did you catch any of that? I did LOL.

Doge Train Leaving For Mars – Are You In?

Elon is not the only one hopping on the Doge train, if you need more proof that I am in no way joking about this trend. To call it a trend would technically be wrong, in my opinion. I believe this is an emerging technology that has been recognized as the future.


Because it’s fun! Crypto should be fun, not a pump and dump scheme. If you want real crypto adoption, make it fun, mass appealing and cheap. As of today, you can still buy doge for about 0.34c if you missed the .003 range a few months ago.

In any case, you may have heard of the other celebrities that are hopping on the Doge bandwagon.

Here is a list from a recent IBTIMES article:

1. Elon Musk

The billionaire CEO of Tesla and Space X Elon Musk is the key figure for the rise of Dogecoin and his tweets about the cryptocurrency sends the figures upwards within a few hours. Musk has invested $1.5 billion on Doge and revealed that the investment is made for his son X Æ A-12’s future and he’ll decide about the option of selling it when he comes to a certain age of financial maturity.

2. Snoop Dogg

Rapper Snoop Dogg is keen on Dogecoin and in February, 2021 revealed that he has invested in the meme cryptocurrency and regularly talks about Doge in tweets and on radio podcasts. He also took to Twitter sharing a picture of himself and replaced his face with Shiba, the dog, which represents Doge and showcases a fist full of dollars, hinting that those who invest will see good fortunes.

3. Mark Cuban

Shark Tank host and billionaire Mark Cuban revealed that investing in Dogecoin is the best way to teach children economics and the value of money and stated that buying Doge is much better than wasting money on a lottery. Cuban confirmed that his 11-year-old son, Jake brought $30 worth of Dogecoins at about 26 cents each and is hoping it shoots up to the moon in the coming years.

4. Kevin Jonas

The Jonas Brothers singer and guitarist Kevin Jonas tweeted in February, 2021 that he’s purchased Dogecoins but did not reveal the extent of his investment. However, rumors state that he’s invested millions in the meme cryptocurrency and had sent out a tweet in favor of Doge saying, ”All I’m saying… $Doge.”

5. Gene Simmons

The bassist of the classic rock band Kiss, Gene Simmons publicly revealed that he brought six figures worth of investment in Dogecoin and sent out a tweet along with his picture standing like a boss with the caption, ”God of Dogecoin,” and continued with another tweet, ”I’m not recommending, nor am I not recommending, but yes, I bought a big position in Dogecoin. And yes, I’m a Hodler. FUM.”

With this type of following…you can’t go wrong.

As they say… #DogeArmy #DogeArmyStrong #DogeToTheMoon

Recent Events May Predict Future Outcomes

As you see the list of celebrities and millionaires/billionaire investors growing, you will probably in the very near future see more adoption. I doubt these big shots are willing to risk their reputation and careers by pumping and dumping doge for a couple million dollars. They’re already pretty wealthy.

I think something else is going on here. And I freakin love it.

The probability that the “Doge Army” is not a trend, but something much more, exponentially increases as the list continues to grow.

I’m not saying any of this to pump Doge or AMC or GME. I am saying…if there is this much interest in something so ridiculous, it may not actually be ridiculous.

Which is why my next prediction is that “meme stocks” will start accepting dogecoin in the future.

A convergence of memes, if you will.

And that makes me ridiculously bullish. On the future of Doge, but also on the future of fun, which was stolen from us for over a year with this COVID pandemic.

But, the silver lining is that fun may be returning after an entire year and a half of pure misery.

DOGE TO THE MOON!! #MakeFunGreatAgain

AMC and GameStop Stonks are Stupid Bullish

Let’s see what’s going on in stonks land. As you may know, I recently wrote about AMC. And holy crap, I was right…

Here was my basic synopsis for why AMC would explode:

As of the after hours price today, AMC has made its first “higher high” since the bull run started.


Slow, steady upward consolidation. Find these types of charts and you will make infinite amount of money.

As a result of this upward incline consolidation, AMC is a top stock pick for the next parabolic.

LOL. So basically…AMC ticked a few pennies higher than the previous high and I predicted it would explode. YOU’RE WELCOME FELLOW AMC APES.

GME falls into this category as well, so just assume every time I talking about AMC, I am also including GME. I just like AMC better because I am obsessed with movies. (Was obsessed, haven’t been any good movies really in years).

The Charts



Will AMC and GameStop Soon Accept Dogecoin? AMC Stock GME Stock to the moon



Will AMC and GameStop Soon Accept Dogecoin? AMC Stock GME Stock to the moon


See my quiggly doodle prediction for where these are heading to next, then the summary of why I believe AMC and GME may soon accept Dogecoin!

AMC and GME Stock Price Prediction:

Let’s see what the charts say and add some doodles. Easiest way to chart is to doodle.

See below:

Will AMC and GameStop Soon Accept Dogecoin? AMC Stock GME Stock to the moon
Will AMC and GameStop Soon Accept Dogecoin? AMC Stock GME Stock to the moon

If I am correct here (and so far I am, considering AMC is now trading around $17 after hours, about 25% higher since I wrote the previous article) the next stop for both of these is a tick above the previous Jan/Feb highs.

For AMC, that would be about $21 and about $500 for GME. To be honest, I am not as bullish on GME considering the valuation and price level, but it has surpassed all my expectations thus far, so I can’t say it won’t hit $500.

On to the finale!

Final Hypothesis

The reason I am showing the stonk charts on GME and AMC is because it is all relative. The fact that these have not gone back to zero, is a very strong indicator that future gains await.

If these were going to get crushed, they probably would have already.

Essentially, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

What puzzle? The future of crypto payments and mass adoption, obviously.

And guess what…it’s not Bitcoin. I don’t want to trigger anyone, but Bitcoin is a joke at this point. I do not personally know of any cryptos worse than Bitcoin. Between the insanely stupid high fees and the infrastructure needed just to mine and transact…please. Bitcoin might be one of the worst failures in all of history. And it is still trading around $40,000/coin.

You can’t do anything with it except hold in your account. You cannot transfer it unless you want to pay exorbitant fees. (which was the original purpose). And you can’t even mine it anymore, because you would need a massive mining rig to get anything minus your electricity fees.

So, basically, it is worthless. Sorry if you are offended by that, but get a clue. Bitcoin Cash is a great alternative and I am still very very bullish on it, but Bitcoin is essentially the VHS of the crypto world today.

Whereas, in contrast, Dogecoin is not. And there are ways to significantly improve dogecoin for the foreseeable future.


Summarily, my prediction for this mess of an article is that Dogecoin will soon be accepted on a mass scale at places like AMC theaters and GameStop stores.


Well, Bitcoin is accepted in many places at the moment. Fortunately, CEO Elon Musk does not accept it at Tesla anymore. This was a smart move. Again, Bitcoin is not a great tool for transaction. It is not digital gold. It is the VHS of today. And guess what? Nobody uses VHS anymore. We have 4k Ultra high Definition streaming over Wi-Fi.

If Bitcoin can gain mass adoption and acceptance as payment, then there is no doubt that dogecoin can.

And you can already see this prediction coming true.

Check out what Mark Cuban said recently on Dogecoin as a method of payment:

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban announced on Thursday that dogecoin can be used to pay online for tickets and merchandise for supporters of the NBA team that he owns, the Dallas Mavericks—but not everyone is a fan of the move.

Well…if Mark Cuban is allowing it as a form of payment, why wouldn’t other companies consider it?

The Dogecoin/Meme Convergence

Remember, in corporate land, you have to follow the trends or die out. If dogecoin is starting to be accepted places, CEOs are going to have to follow suit or risk being left out.

Which brings me to the final conclusion…AMC and GME.

Do you think this is a coincidence? That GME and AMC stock are continuing higher? Meme assets are the most popular thing? That none of these have fallen back to the January lows?

I don’t.

There are no coincidences. The world is a market and markets follow the law of supply and demand.

And guess what? There is a lot of demand for AMC GME stock and Dogecoin. At the same time.


Many of my friends and family thought Bitcoin was stupid when it came out about 10 years ago…who’s laughing now?

That was back then, when Bitcoin had value. It was new, cool and hip. But not anymore, it is effectively useless.

This brings me to the conclusion that Dogecoin will replace it. No, I am not joking. It may be a meme crypto, but it is not a joke.

I believe in the next couple of years that AMC movie theaters and GameStop stores will probably accept Dogecoin as payment. And probably Tesla also, once Elon upgrades the Doge blockchain architecture.

Summary Points

To summarize:

  1. AMC and GME are making higher highs, higher lows. They will most likely continue and make new highs from January.
  2. Fun is coming back to the world
  3. Celebrities love Dogecoin
  4. These are all happening at the same time
  5. There are no coincidences
  6. Doge to the freakin’ MOON!!!!!!!

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