Why Wimi Hologram Stock Is Up 100% in 2021

Why Wimi Hologram Stock Is Up 100% in 2021 Parabolically.com

Chinese listed stocks have had a pretty big run since the March 2020 Bear Market. Many Chinese ADRs were hitting major lows in March, only to swiftly recover and make new highs. Some of top Chinese ADR’s are up over 1000%. Most notably NIO stock, which rallied from around $3 to a recent high of $67. You can also throw in some other hot momentum stocks including JD, YY, TME, PDD and BILI stocks. It seems like virtually all of them have gained massive ground since the 2020 crash…except WiMi Hologram Cloud and a few smaller names like QTT. However, the last few weeks have given us a signal that WiMi’s luck may be turning around. Virtually all “technology” stocks have in some way benefitted from the pandemic…is WiMi next? We think it’s very likely. Let’s examine hy Wimi Hologram Stock Is Up 100% in 2021.

What is WiMi Hologram Cloud?

First, let’s identify what WiMi actually since it is my first article on it for Parabolically.

According to the company website:

WIMI Holographic focuses on computer vision holographic cloud service. It is one of the excellent integrated entities of holographic cloud industry in China, covering industrial chain and performance. Its goal is to become a potential and internationally influential holographic cloud platform.

WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD has covered plenty of holographic AR technologies range from holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic vision presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK payment, 5G holographic communication software development to  holographic face recognition development , holographic AI face DeepFakes development and Holographic AR vehicle,which is capable of providing the one-stop service. At present, it has grown into one of the leading providers of holographic cloud integrated technology solutions in China.

Woah…that’s a lot. Do some due diligence one the company. It is somewhat difficult to decipher what is real or not considering it is a foreign company, but WiMi appears to be one of the most interesting companies out there.

How many fully functioning hologram companies do you even know about?

Cool, But Why Is It Suddenly Going Up?

It is difficult to know exactly why a particular stock starts to move higher. Sometimes, stocks just go up when everyone is least expecting it, that’s the truth. Much easier to make it go parabolic.

Although, to be honest, it is very strange that WiMi is not trading much higher considering all of the recent developments, partnerships, projects, etc. in their pipeline. Constantly positive PR usually translates to higher stock prices. Usually.

Check out their Press Release section, many exciting activities over there.

Most recently, the company announced the release of its “EV Holographic AR Application Product “WiMi HoloAR HUD.”

According to Yahoo Finance:

BEIJING, Feb. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. (Nasdaq: WIMI) (“WiMi” or the “Company”), a leading Hologram Augmented Reality (“AR”) Technology provider in China, today announced the launch of its new electric vehicle (“EV”) holographic AR application product “WiMi HoloAR HUD”, further expanding the Company’s suite of holographic product offerings.

This release may have awakened the bloodthirsty EV investor crowd. They will devour anything with EV attached to it, just look at all the EV stock charts. Although one can compare this mania it to many bubbles of the past, the EV boom is almost undoubtedly here to stay. While it may be frothy now, the industry is going through a total evolution, so elevated valuations do make sense in a way.

WiMi All Time High Imminent?

Thanks to leading EV company, Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc., the path has been cemented for the auto industry to progress towards fully electric (and probably autonomous) vehicles in the future.

WiMi just released a holographic display for EVs.

EVs + Holograms = Level 10 Sci Fi Movie Awesome = $$$.

You may think I’m joking around, but the modern “investor” (Robinhood army loaded up on stimulus money, tech hedge funds, etc.) is looking for the coolest new “thing.” Finding that thing will make you a lot of money, the way that Tesla, NIO and others have generated significant profit for their HODLers.

As a result, we think the general interest and constant press releases from WiMi’s products will continue to propel it forward. We may be at a very early moment in the company’s history and a new all time high may be imminent.

WiMi Stock Price Prediction

Check out the chart below:

Why Wimi Hologram Stock Is Up 100% in 2021 wimi stock price prediction

As you can see here, WiMi is forming the most bullish of chart patterns, the legendary “cup and handle.”

The parabolic move on the left was swiftly followed by a sizeable crash.

However, WiMi did not make a new all time low, and is actually starting to form the right side of the cup.

Slow and steady moves higher. Higher highs, higher lows. Very bullish chart.

Our prediction is that WiMi will reach its previous all time high of about $30 this year. Maybe much sooner than everyone expects. This will probably be followed by a “handle,” or a drop to test support of the breakout. Then continue to move higher.

We do not see much enthusiasm around this company, so it is likely that the move higher will turn into a FOMO blowoff top type parabola. Which is very bullish.

First stop: $30+, followed by a sharp move down, before continue to move higher to $50+ by end of year. With the amount of press this company releases and the adoption of holographic technology over time, it is not impossible for WiMi to be a $200+ stock.

This would give it a valuation of about $12.5 Billion, not an unrealistic number, considering the hilarious P/E ratios of some of these other Big Tech giants.

Remember, always do you own research. But, in our opinion, we think this is at the very least a 10x move from here.


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