War is Coming! Introducing the Cool Penguin Squad NFT Collection

War is Coming! Introducing the Cool Penguin Squad NFT Warriors

“Money, power, respect” may just be an anthem for Lox, Lil Kim and DMX, but these Penguins take this motto seriously. You want war? You want fame? You want bragging rights? Cool Penguin Squad NFT bad boys are ready to fight to death, yelling out, “put some respect in my name.” Brawling penguins are like Nate Diaz in this game – kill or be killed. Built on the Solana blockchain, the champions who survive the final round win a prize. Are you ready fellow degenerates? Let’s get it on…

What is the Cool Penguin Squad?

First of all, you need to be sure…are you ready for battle? We hope so, because the team at Parabolically has discovered a new fun P2E NFT collection on the Solana blockchain —  the Cool Penguin Squad (CPS). And they play for keeps.

What is the CPS?

According to the website, the NFT project is:

where 4,444 penguins are engaged in Penguin Warz, earning SOL for their rightful holders! 👑

This wild population of brawling penguins are nothing but savages when it comes to fighting.

Awesome, 4,444 eccentric and unique collectible NFTs with some notable benefits for holders. These penguins offer the potential to earn income within the play-to-earn gaming model. Is it fair to call this the Squid Games of the NFT world? More like Hunger Games, only cuter.

The public mint began February 15, 2022. The mint cost starts at 0.3 Solana and moves up .1 Solana every 1111 penguins sold.

How Does The War Game Work?

Next, let’s check out a basic scenario of how one of these “Penguin Warz” would play out. Essentially, you mint or adopt a playable Penguin NFT that will allow you to go to war with no entry fee.

Simply put:

🥊Penguin Warz each last an X amount of rounds.

🥊Every round, penguins will be knocked out of the game.

🥊The game ends on the final round!

Each penguin is assigned a strength level from 1-5, 5 being the hardest to knock out. The battle will be decided by the champions that are able to knock out most amount of Penguins!

You can check the progress of the game with a special dashboard: Penguin Warz Dashboard (will be launched soon).

Finally, the winning team will split the prize pot. This is a pool of money available from the mint and secondary sales (10%). Essentially, this is the dev team’s version of paying royalties back to the community.

What are the Benefits for Holders?

Now on to the most important question — Why should I own a Cool Penguin NFT?

Well, with a low mint price of 0.3 SOL, a holder gets to own one of the 4,444 unique collectible penguin NFTs, each with different rarities and power scale.

Your Penguin NFT gets you access to the Penguin Warz, allowing you to earn SOL just by holding.

Additionally, the team is very transparent and fully doxxed, unlike many other projects that hide in the shadows. Or wait until the mint is complete to rug the project…not bullish…

Lastly, you get to join the Cool Penguin Squad! The Roadmap mentions that there will eventually be DAO, giving holders exclusive access and several other benefits as the project unfolds.

But are you cool enough to join is the question?

War is Coming! Introducing the Cool Penguin Squad NFT Warriors

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, the project seems to have some unique characteristics and a good foundation. After all, it is not every day that you run into a warring penguin NFT game. Who would have thought?

We will be updating on the game in the future after the mint is complete, so make sure you are subscribed. Very interested to see how each Penguin NFT will score on the rarity and power scale as well as what a typical Penguin Warz game looks like! War is coming, time to win some SOL!

What do you think of Cool Penguin Squad? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

Links to follow the team are provided below.

How Can I Follow Cool Penguin Squad NFT Project?

Website: Coolpenguinsquad.com

Twitter: @CoolPenguinSqd

Discord: Cool Penguin Squad Discord Server

Instagram: @coolpenguinsquad

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