Topps Going Public Through $1.3B SPAC Deal, Fueling Trading Card and NFT Bull Market

Topps Stock public merger with SPAC Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corp.

WOW, this week has been one of the most exciting in a while! Not only did Ripple (XRP) hit multi year highs, Coinbase and eToro coming closer to their IPOs, but we also got news that Topps is going public via SPAC merger! What an INCREDIBLE day…and week for those that bought the dip going into April. All of these companies announcing their SPAC mergers/IPOs is wonderful news for investors looking to diversify beyond constantly overhyped tech stocks. We have never been more excited! Cannot wait to cover all of these in the future. So, let’s see what the big news is from [future] Topps stock today.

Topps Stock public merger with Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corp.

Collectible Trading Card Market Is Exploding

The collectible trading card market has gone freakin bananas of late.

Gary Vaynerchuk actually predicted this bull market several years ago. You can check it out here.

As usual, when smart, successful people make these types of predictions…they usually come true.

In fact, the trading card market is exploding. Check out these articles detailing how insane things have gotten: here, here and here.

According to Forbes:

In its “State of Trading Cards” report released Thursday, eBay announced that the trading card category on its platform grew by 142% in 2020 with over 4 million more cards sold compared to the prior year, further proof that 2020 was a historic year for this booming business.

Nearly all sports cards saw notable growth in 2020, but the biggest gainers on eBay were soccer (1,586%) and basketball (373%).

The sale of Pokémon trading cards also exploded, increasing 574% from 2019 to 2020.

Those types of gains are identical to a monster bull market, much like a bull market in stocks.

And we think it will continue to get crazier for several years.

Of course…we knew this for a while. We have an eBay store that sells out of almost everything, every time we put up new, rare cards. The eBay store consists mostly of Pokemon cards at the moment, but we are expanding into Dragon Ball Z, Yugioh, Digimon and more.

HIGHLY recommend following along.

Find all of our links here.

Topps Stock public merger with SPAC Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corp.

Topps Stock News!

Now for the big news!

According to Yahoo Finance:

Former Disney chairman and CEO Michael Eisner is getting in on the SPAC boom

Eisner disclosed Tuesday that his firm The Tornante Company, which purchased trading card company Topps in 2007 for $385 million, will roll 100% of its equity into a new public entity dubbed Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation II. The transaction will see the return of Topps to the public markets in a deal valued at $1.3 billion. Topps will trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “TOPP.”

“We are moving from an analog company to a digital company. We have tremendous earnings, great revenue and great cash flow. We’ll be able to do M&A once we are public. It just seemed like the right time. We decided before this boom and blockchain that we are ready to go. Topps is the same financially as Disney was when we went in 1984. If we do 10% of Disney, that would be very good,” Eisner said on Yahoo Finance Live

Are you reading this??


Let’s summarize:

  • Former Disney Chariman Michael Eisner is taking Topps public via SPAC Merger
  • Topps will merge with Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation II
  • Topps stock will trade on the NASDAQ under the symbol “TOPP”
  • They are already looking into Mergers and Acquisitions once they are public
  • Topps stock will offer exposure to the NFT/Blockchain market


If you cannot tell by the excessive use of exclamation marks, e are level 10 bullish excited right now.

This is huge news, for collectible trading cards, NFTs, etc. And we believe this bull market is still in its infancy.

More and more companies are coming out with trading cards.

In our opinion, we are going to see an explosion the likes of crypto in this space.

Remember, just recently, PSA’s parent company Collector’s Universe (card authentication and grading service) actually went private and sold for almost $1B. Check it out here.

To add bullishness to bullishness, PSA actually had to shut down their collectible card grading service for 3 months due to unprecedented demand.

If the trading card market was a publicly traded stock, this thing would be at 75 RSI right now. And you always want to buy all time highs in companies with extremely high demand.

Topps stock may be one of them…

We will be covering this for the foreseeable future, stay tuned!

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