Time to Spread Some Positivity With The Dream Apes NFT Collection

Time to Spread Some Positivity With The Dream Apes NFT Collection

Hello friends! Yes, we know you might be in bad spirits considering the bloodbath across all asset markets lately. However, it is always important to keep the long term vision in mind. Remember, 2021 was the year of mainstream adoption in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. We saw trillions of dollars added to the crypto markets and NFTs went from a tiny niche market to ~$25 Billion in just one year. The team at Parabolically sees this as a long term exponential trend, not a fad. So stay positive out there! And speaking of positive, we have discovered the perfect collection hoping to achieve just that — the Dream Apes NFT collection! The colors and artwork emanate good vibes in our opinion, so let’s explore what the project is all about.

Time to Spread Some Positivity With The Dream Apes NFT Collection

What is the Dream Apes Collection?

First, let’s start with the basics. Always good to know you are getting into. And, from all of the information on the website and social media channels, it looks like there is a lot to analyze here.

So what are Dream Apes NFTs all about?

According to the website:

The Dream Apes Collection is a community driven art project which aims to uplift spirits and promote positivity. With its inspiring theme, the collection is envisioned to be a lifestyle brand with partnerships to international distributors and establishments.

Dream Apes NFT is built with over a hundred unique attributes.

Purchasing a Dream Ape gives each member an opportunity to participate, contribute, build, grow and collaborate with the team.

Based on the Roadmap, it looks like the initial mint took place on February 7 through the 17th for the first 1400 Dream Apes.

The second mint is scheduled for February 18, 2022 to complete the sale of the remaining 3488. Which means there is a total of 4888 Dream Apes in the entire collection.

Cost to mint these is 0.7 SOL on the Intersect.Art launchpad, and there is no cap on how many you can mint.

Once completed, you will be able to buy on Magic Eden.

Beautiful art overall, and we are vibing with the positive lifestyle brand mission statement!

Time to Spread Some Positivity With The Dream Apes NFT Collection

What is the Long Term Objective?

Next, let’s check out the vision of the Dev Team. Many projects on Solana are very cookie cutter or some kind of derivative lately. Makes it harder to appreciate the space, but it appears that Dream Apes has a different approach. Thankfully, the Parabolically team has a good eye for spotting unique projects with long term goals in addition to excellent artwork.

So what is the Dream Apes Vision?

Dream Apes aims to be the 1st NFT to have a coffee and milk tea shop together with a merchandise apparel and novelty items physical store.

Oh, that’s interesting! Never heard of that before, and it appears our thesis is playing out in real time.

As we mentioned in a few of our other blogs and tweets, NFTs are coming to life…IRL. The opening act of the NFT boom was to create a space for digital artists to sell their unique imagery.

This has evolved into something much much bigger, and we believe the trend will continue as more business minded creators utilize the NFT technology.

In the case of Dream Apes, holding their NFT qualifies holders to be distributors and potential business partners. To clarify, this does not guarantee a percentage of profits or ownership, just an opportunity to be partner with the business.

Which is still pretty bullish!

Imagine holding an NFT that costs about $70, but allows you start your own business…

This is why we LOVE NFTS!!!

Time to Spread Some Positivity With The Dream Apes NFT Collection

Any Other Benefits for Holders?

Finally, some important benefits of note besides the potential business relationships.

From what we can identify on the website, the predetermined benefits are twofold:

  • Staking
  • Breeding

Staking is a key element in this overall process. Holders will be able to stake (lock) a Dream Ape for an extended period of time to earn Dream Tokens. Each staked Dream Ape will earn you 1 Dream Token/day for…8 years? Wow, bullish on long term gains!

Additionally, there will be a breeding mechanism as well. Breeding your NFT for baby Dream Apes…it better be cute!

Breeding is awesome, who doesn’t like extra NFTs?

Logistically, to breed a Dream Ape, a holder must have two Dream Ape NFTs and 60 “Dream Tokens.” Based on the mechanics here, it would take you 30 days with 2 NFTs to reach 60 tokens. Once you have all of these prerequisites, you’ll be able to create a baby Dream Ape, which generates an extra 0.2 SOL when staked.


Time to Spread Some Positivity With The Dream Apes NFT Collection

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, the project ties a lot of strong elements together to create a strong vibe. Beautiful artwork, utilizing soft pastel colors with some fresh ape designs (as you can see above). A positive mindset and objective, modest mint cost and several benefits for holders.

Not to mention potential business partnerships. Not bad, an NFT that can be staked, earn tokens for long periods of time, breed and deliver future value in the form of revenue generation.

Very cool!

We will be updating on the project in the future after the mint is complete, so make sure you are subscribed. Very interested to see how the business will evolve and how holders will benefit in the long run.

What do you think of Dream Apes NFT? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

Links to follow the team are provided below.

How Can I Follow Dream Apes NFT Project?

Website: Dreamapes.io

Twitter: @DreamApesNFT

Discord: Dream Apes NFT

Secondary Market: TBA

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