The Dapp List: Web3 Curation Platform for Mass Adoption

Good morning friends! Despite the general feeling in the markets of late, we are [still] extremely bullish on the future of blockchain, DeFi, Web3, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Our sentiment does not change because of price action in either direction. Our thesis is very simple: the Old World incentives instability, division and chaos for profit, while the cryptoverse — let’s call it “web3” — creates incentives for stability and shared experience through community/project building. For this reason, Parabolically seeks out awesome projects helping to fulfill this vision. Which brings us to a unique web3 curation platform that we recently discovered — The Dapp List! With so many new projects out there, and entering the market every day, there will inevitably be a strong curation platform to perform triage and push the top projects to the forefront. After doing some analysis, we think The Dapp List might be the solution! Check it out below.

The Dapp List: Web3 Curation Platform for Mass Adoption

What is The Dapp List?

First off, a brief overview before we get to the fun details!

According to the website:

The Dapp List is building an ecosystem to Curate the Web3 Adoption. We are striving to bring users, developers, and investors together and provide them with a platform to interact and collaborate. This will facilitate the next wave of adoption for Web3.

From what we understand, at its core, The Dapp List is a curation platform designed to onboard and bring relevant communities together to foster in the next generation of the internet AKA Web 3.

Navigating the current landscape of multiple blockchains, Dexes/DeFi platforms, NFTs and cryptocurrencies is a daunting task, especially for new users.

The Dapp List is attempting to simplify this process, with a central location for people to explore new projects, support “Buidlers” and help bridge the gap for investors.

For this reason, it would be fair to say this project is the ProductHunt of the cryptoverse, but cooler because it is crypto based.

Additionally, the project was founded by an ex-Polygon legend Nirbhik Jangid and has raised $1.7 Million as of May 7, 2021.

Explore, Buidl and Invest

If you are an NFT or crypto degen like myself, you already understand the deep internal desire to explore new projects. Once you get started in a new area of the cryptoverse, it is difficult to stop. Endless rabbit holes and not enough time in the day.

Well, there might be a solution for that! The Dapp List has designed a layout for exploring new projects listed on the site based on their categories. See below:

The Dapp List: Web3 Curation Platform for Mass Adoption

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything in one place so you don’t have to keep aimlessly clicking on dozens of links through CoinMarketCap?

Kind of like explore pages on Instagram and other social platforms, but better….because crypto.

You can also become a Voter or Hunter AKA people that find new projects and vote on them, thus aiding in the curation process. Voters and hunters have an opportunity to make it to their respective Leaderboards based on their input. All about helping the community, and the more you help, the more you are recognized.


Oh, and let’s not forget the “buidlers,” those who work tirelessly eating glass every day to make something new, useful and successful. Developers will have a place to find support and even launch projects on The Dapp List.

Or, as the website describes it:

An incubator & launchpad for devs to build in Web3. We’re focused on supporting the future of Web3 by providing devs with the launchpad to speak about their ideas, get mentorship, build network and community.

Here is this link if interested.


Next, the most logical step in this process would be to have investor resources for curated and upcoming projects.

You see a project you like? Something you want to be a part of? There’s a solution for that.

Check out the Investors page description:

Harnessing the power + culture of DeFi & DAOs to bridge the gap between Web3 projects & investors.

Project Developers + Investors + Crypto Community = We are going to make it.

Token Incentive ($WISE)

Finally, one of the key elements of tying this altogether — the incentive. While the project could have easily gotten away with just creating an awesome platform to connect developers, investors and the broad community, they went a step further.

I am referencing the $WISE token, a reward token designed to get the community involved in self-governance. We all know how crypto people love our incentives. Especially if you can get an NFT out of it!

Check out the User Journey for a better understanding:

The Dapp List: Web3 Curation Platform for Mass Adoption

Essentially, you become a “hunter” or “voter” as aforementioned, and begin the journey to find the most stellar projects out there.

You hunt and submit the listing, then the community votes on it. As a reward, you receive $WISE. This token can be staked, along with any liquidity you provide. Then you receive more $WISE and multiplier rewards. You reputation goes up, and can possibly even make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Once you have achieved this, the token can be sold and converted or used to mint Dapp List Owl NFTs. Will have an update on these once there is more info.

It is fair to say this incentive model speaks for itself. You use your time to help the community find awesome projects and rewarded with tokens and NFTs…


Final Thoughts

Conclusively, The Dapp List is starting to form into a unique and useful platform. It combines powerful elements to help developers, crypto fans and investors as well as incentivizes them to participate in the curation and growth process. That is what this entire space is about. We will be checking in on this project in the near future as more developments roll out. For now, you can find the project links here to follow along:


Twitter: @thedapplist

Discord: Dapp List Invite

Telegram: TDL

Instagram: @thedapplist

What do you think about this project? Let us know in the comments!

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