Spectrum Labs: Beautiful AI Generated Art on Solana

Good morning fellow degens! Another chaotic and subliminal day here in cryptoland. Not to worry though. We will be here every day, focusing on the positives, trying to shine light in the darkness. The best way to do this is through art, community, crypto and the power of NFTs. We have been on a tear, bringing you lots of great content lately, including NFT projects like Age of SAM and passive income strategies using $PUFF staking. So keeping on the good vibes train, we will be sharing our insights on Spectrum Labs, a Solana based art studio bringing the world some beautiful AI generated NFTs. Let’s explore below!

What is Spectrum Labs?

First, let’s check out the project objectives to see what we are working with, then dive into the current mint.

According to the Instagram description:

Spectrum Labs is a futuristic collection of 3072 AI-generated art, blending vibrant colors and modern textures into surreal masterpieces.

As far as we can tell, this is the largest community of AI driven art in the space, with a massive community of almost 12,000 followers on Twitter.

The art includes everything from landscapes and animals to human-like characters.

You can follow the project with these links:

Website: spectrumlabs.studio

Twitter: @SpectrumlabsNFT

Instagram: @spectrumlabstudio

Spectrum Labs: Beautiful AI Generated Art on Solana

Metaverse Mint is Live

Onto the “Metaverse,” Spectrum’s first mint! Currently, the “Chapter 1 – Metaverse” mint is live via Monke Labs, and the story behind this is quite intriguing.

Check out the official Lore from their website:

A digital catalyst spurs the birth of the metaverse.

Traditional beings and intergalactic hues blend into new beings of life. Earth’s top scientists configure an underground experiment documenting the antics of the coexisting metaverse.

Reality in the metaverse encapsulates surrealism and expanded imagination, according to them. Earth’s top collectors and art curators bridge their planet’s disconnect from the metaverse by acquiring each piece of Spectrum Labs artwork in an attempt to understand this novel digital landscape.

Very fancy!

Typical of an art studio to get creative like this. We always look for a great story behind NFT collections, because it shows that the team has put some thought behind the project and not just throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks.

For those that are thinking about minting or just want a sneak peek of the art, check it out below:

Spectrum Labs: Beautiful AI Generated Art on Solana
Spectrum Labs: Beautiful AI Generated Art on Solana
Spectrum Labs: Beautiful AI Generated Art on Solana
Spectrum Labs: Beautiful AI Generated Art on Solana
Spectrum Labs: Beautiful AI Generated Art on Solana
Spectrum Labs: Beautiful AI Generated Art on Solana

Have to admit, the quality is superb!

Additionally, this is only the first chapter in a series of 4. The team plans to release three more — The Solverse, DreamVerse and Video Art.

We will update more on future mints once there is more information.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, it appears that Artificially Intelligent art is here to stay. We foresee this format of artwork reaching new heights in the future as the technology progresses. There may even be an AI art race, if one has not already started. But for those looking to get their foot in the door with this art style, Spectrum Labs might be a good start. (This is not financial advice and you should always do your own research). We also recommend reading their Roadmap, which lays out the plans and timelines for future mints.

What do you think about this project?

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