SolTires: A Top Tier Solana NFT Project In The Making

SolTires: A Top Tier Solana NFT Project In The Making

Gooood morning fellow degens (and racing game enthusiasts)! Parabolically is on an inexorable hunt to bring you the most interesting projects from the cryptoverse. Whether it is DeFi, new cryptocurrencies or NFTs, we want to write about it all. The world needs some positivity right now, so if you are a creator with a unique project, feel free to reach out to us here. Today we will be sharing one of our top 5 projects for future potential blue chips in the Solana NFT space β€” SolTires! After watching milestone after milestone achieved over the past couple months, our conviction level is pretty high on this one. We wrote about SolTires NFT back in January, a great introductory read to catch you up to speed. Lots of new developments and growth here, so pay attention as we detail all the awesomeness below.

Please enjoy the complimentary artwork throughout the article 🏎️

SolTires: A Top Tier Solana NFT Project In The Making. Drag racing game on solana


First, let’s present a brief background for newbies that are just jumping into this. Don’t forget to read the first article for a more in-depth analysis!

To sum the project up, SolTires is a next generation P2E Drag Racing game built on Solana. The game uses superbly designed, handmade 3D vehicle NFTs. The first generation features 18 different models of 6666 NFTs, each with their own rarity designation, exterior traits, and OVR (Overall Performance Rating), with no duplicates. These NFTs are your gateway to their drag racing game, garage, and a lot more.

The Whitelist presale occurred on February 25th at 6PM UTC and the public sale will start on Monday, March 7th at 6PM UTC. We will personally be getting a few, whether through minting or on secondary market (NFA/DYOR).

The team is currently working on the game mechanics and releasing demo teasers on their social channels. According to the website, the game will be playable on PC at first, then move to iOS and Android when stable.

There is a significant amount not covered here, so we highly recommend reading the entire Whitepaper. Trust us, it is worth the read.

You can also follow the team with these links:


Twitter: @Soltires_

Instagram: @SolTires

TikTok: @SolTires


SolTires: A Top Tier Solana NFT Project In The Making. Drag racing game on solana

Public Mint

Missed the SolTires Whitelist presale? No worries! The public mint is just around the corner.

On March 7th and 6PM UTC, you will be able to mint one of these beautiful NFTs and gain access to the future drag racing game.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the vehicle models and backgrounds we are able to view publicly so far:

Super cool, right? Just a preview though, there are several other models, each with their own unique characteristics.

Additionally, if you have already minted or are looking for metadata (rarity/OVR) in the future, you can find it on RaritySniper.


SolTires’ dev team has been releasing little sneak peeks over the past couple of weeks, and it is driving us crazy (no pun intended). Between the NFTs, gameplay, graphics and demo updates, it is proving challenging not to develop some serious FOMO.

Check out this video they put together recently:

Kind of reminds you of a Fast and Furious movie trailer, right?

Based on the graphics and massive 20,000+ community, we predict that once the game is operational, there will be YouTube, Twitch and other social media channels popping up to showcase the races.

Which brings us to the demo…

Check out the latest update from the team:

Looks like it is coming together very well.

Can’t deny this is already starting to look like Forza or Need for Speed. Cannot wait to play this!

Why We Think SolTires Is A Big Deal

Finally, if you haven’t noticed we are super bullish on this project. From the NFTs and graphics to the dev team, we believe SolTires is a top tier Solana NFT project in the making. Blue Chip NFT? Only time will tell. However, we do know what we do know.

  1. The 3D NFTs are excellent. Multiple different models, each meticulously crafted, colored and ready to be deployed for races.
  2. Drag Racing Game is already looking amazing. Multiple different play modes (practice mode, PvP, PvC, death match, tournament mode, etc.). Just like a regular video game traditionally played on mobile, Xbox or Playstation. Except you actually own the vehicle.
  3. P2E Element. Racing is fun, and you can actually make money doing it here. Race in different game modes and earn $TIRE, the native token. Scheduled for Q2 2022.
  4. Game Economy. SolTires allows you to basically become a full fledged racer in the game. You can mint, buy and collect vehicles, then upgrade and manage them in your own garage using $TIRE.
  5. SolTires Arena Metaverse: scheduled for Q4 2022 according to the roadmap. Will have more info closer to the release date.
  6. Earn money by watching ads. Most people have not read that far into the Whitepaper, but it is in the works. Gamers will have an option to make additional income by watching ads via promoted sponsors of the game. Making this another avenue of generating real money via SolTires.
  7. *Exclusive* Gamify your own vehicle.

Yes, upon discussion with the creators, we have discovered that your own vehicle may be integrated into the game. Your real life vehicle, not the NFT. This is obviously an arduous process, but in the future, you will be able to essentially upload your own vehicle and race with it. BULLISH!

No word yet about my electric scooter, but time will tell.

SolTires: A Top Tier Solana NFT Project In The Making. Drag racing game on solana

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, we hope you got some great info on this project. This is just the beginning, and we will continue to update on this over time as the roadmap is fulfilled. Overall, great design and dev team. We assume building under immense pressure during this bear market is quite challenging. But the team keeps steamrolling forward, bringing the community enticing 3D NFTs, while developing a fully operational drag racing game and in-game economy. It is also reassuring to see all of the updates and teasers, especially in a space full of constant rugs and scams, so kudos to the SolTires team!

What do you think of this project?

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