Doomed Armadillos NFT: Cross Chain Mint Scheduled for Late March

Doomed Armadillos NFT: Solana’s First Cross Chain Mint Revealed

Good morning fellow degens! Or should I say…fellow Dillos! Another day in NFT land, and oh boy, has it been an eventful one. A while back we wrote about the Angry Armadillos NFT collection announcing plans to create a Gen 2 mint, the “Doomed Armadillos.” So far, the team is right on schedule, with lots of updates and surprises for the community. We have been in this project from the beginning and noticed it was quite undervalued for such unique artwork on Solana. Thankfully, we did not paperhand this one. As of March 2022, the collection has generated incredible attention, massively grown the Discord and Twitter communities as well as a parabolic rise in the floor price. Is it the the art? Community? NFT Deity intervention? Let’s check out the facts below to make sense of all of this.

Doomed Armadillos NFT: Solana's First Cross Chain Mint Revealed

Roadmap Update

Well…2022 has been a wild ride, to say the least. Crypto and NFTs got throttled hard since the start of the year. To be honest, we do not know where the bottom is. Thankfully, those who stick around are rewarded. And, as Jordan Belfort so aptly puts it, “I’m not fucking leaving.”

And neither are we.

Now is the time to build. Build projects, communities and interest in the future. Which brings us to the Armadillos project. Despite the unlucky market timing and prices dropping through the floor, the Armadillo dev team kept building. As a result, the project is stronger than ever.

This is evidenced by the fact that the NFTs were trading around 0.15 Sol a few months ago to a lofty floor of 1.6-1.7 Sol now. You know how much we love parabolas here.

The turnaround commenced rapidly with a flurry of announcements, including an updated roadmap, next gen mint and several other new elements to the project.

First, let’s check out the new roadmap. According to the Discord announcement, a simplified breakdown of what is in store for the Dillo community:

⤏ First cross-chain Solana NFT project. Bridging SOL + Polygon.
⤏ Doomed Armadillos are launching in March.
⤏ Holders of Gen 1 will be able to mint for FREE.
⤏ Post-mint of Doomed Armadillos, staking will be launched.
⤏ Staking will be available for all generations of Armadillos.
⤏ Gen 1 [Angry Armadillos] will have a multiplier when staking.
⤏ Staking will yield our native utility token.
⤏ The token will be used to claim monthly treasury prizes.
⤏ PFR – Play For Rewards – games for both Gen 1 and Gen 2
⤏ Q3/Q4 P2E game with Hearthstone-like game mechanics in the works.

Well shoot…that’s a lot! Let’s dive deeper below.

Doomed Armadillos NFT: Solana's First Cross Chain Mint Revealed

First Cross-Chain Solana NFT Project

From what we understand, the Doomed Armadillos mint should be occurring some time in the next few weeks, around the last week of March.

There has been a substantial amount of activity in the NFT sector, despite the eye popping volatility of late. Many garbage projects and derivatives have launched and rugged, bringing much dishonor to the ecosystem. However, the Armadillo dev team has come up with a clever strategy for the upcoming mint. They have decided to create a bridge with the Ethereum chain (via Polygon) to make it easier to onboard some ETH maxis onto the project. (Bullish!)

From the Discord:

We will be bridging SOL & ETH together through a bridge on our website. It will have no effect on you as a holder in terms of complexity but will benefit the project greatly. You will seamlessly be able to bridge your NFT over to the Polygon network (which is on the Ethereum blockchain via EVM) through our website at 0 transactions fees (<0.1 $).

Hmm…ETH buyers rejoice! Super low gas fees, Lord knows you need it. Having spent most of my time buying Solana NFTs, I cannot imagine spending $30+ for a single transaction. Some of my actual NFTs don’t even cost that much…

What else you got for us, Armadillo team?

Doomed Armadillos NFT: Solana's First Cross Chain Mint Revealed

Let Them Eat Stake

Next, it’s everyone’s favorite topic of late. Many projects are now introducing staking for their NFTs, combined with a token and fusion pool. This allows for any project to essentially create an economy around their NFTs. I am personally loving this concept, because it adds another layer to the ecosystem.

So how will the staking work for the Armadillos?

You will be able to stake your Gen 1s and Gen 2s through our integration on our website after you’ve bridged it over to Polygon. You’ll be rewarded in our utility token which will be used for various things amongst them being claiming your %-part of the treasury, DAO profits, and more!

Gen 1s will have a multiplier in staking, and thereby yield more tokens.

Very cool. All I can say is…HODL your gen 1’s and stack your Gen 2 Dillos!

The fun continues.

Doomed Armadillos NFT: Solana's First Cross Chain Mint Revealed

Play For Reward Game On Deck

Finally, we are reaching the end of the massive trove of announcements. So far we have a cross chain gen2 mint, excellent new artwork, staking (with a multiplier for Gen1s), a native token and future DAO formation.

Most excellent!

But there is another element here — Play for Rewards games. Thus far, if you have been active in the Discord, there have been a lot of missions launched by the team. Based on the recent AMA, it sounds like the team has pivoted to gamifying this project moving forward. Games make things more interesting, and allow the community to be active, participate and earn rewards. I believe a few big rewards have already been paid out.

Additionally, some team members like @Dak_Daze (one of the top holders and an awesome dude) have even offered some of his rarer Armadillos for giveaways. Incredible community, we highly recommend joining the 14k member Discord if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

In any case, what are the Armadillo PFR games going to look like?

This is how the dev team describes it:

We will be launching a PFR [Play For Rewards] gaming experience as part of our future roadmap for The Armadillos brand! Play For Rewards is based around a leaderboard and high-score game setup, where the best players on a weekly & monthly basis will be rewarded with various prizes like SOL, NFTs, and more!

Winning prizes is BULLISH.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this project has gotten a major revamp. As we have detailed above, the gen 2 mint is looking incredible. All the images above are directly from the “sneak peek” channel on the Discord, and there will be more as we get closer to the mint date. Massive Twitter and Discord growth is a direct result of the team’s marketing efforts. They have been relentless in their objective to turn the project around, and it is clearly working. As of March 3, the floor price has risen over 1000% and continues to climb daily. This new mint is packed with incredible benefits to holders, making this much more than a quick flip project. Cross chain mint, staking, a native token, gamified rewards system, etc…

Very eager to see how this plays out. As always do your own research, and this is not financial advice.

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