Crossmint Allows You to Mint NFTs With Only a Credit Card and Email, No Wallet Required

Crossmint Allows You to Mint NFTs With Only a Credit Card and Email

Got too many NFT wallets? Having issues paying gas fees for minting new NFTs? Well, you’re in luck! There may be a megasimple solution for this. It’s called Crossmint, and it is revolutionizing the way NFTs are minted, stored, accessed and paid for. Just what one would expect for this brave new world of Web3. If you are having issues with something, it is almost guaranteed that someone is building a solution. And the solution for new NFT projects may be Crossmint. Below we will detail the purpose of the project, the benefits to creators + buyers, and how you can get involved. Check it out!

Crossmint Allows You to Mint NFTs With Only a Credit Card and Email, No Wallet Required

What is Crossmint?

First, it is important to note that the NFT space is still in its infancy. We are seeing endless improvements and upgrades to the space. Overall, NFTs have really changed the way we think of art and the blockchain space. There are thousands of projects out there now and new ones pop up each day. Each with different art formats, utilities connections to cryptocurrencies and so on. As time goes on, there will even be substantially more bridges to real life products. We already see this explosion of adoption everywhere. For example, Coachella even came out with collectible NFT tickets to their concerts. There are hundreds of examples like this popping up everywhere, but the point is this. NFTs are being rapidly integrated into ever day life.

With this emerging technology, there will need to be new platforms that support seamless transactions that are safe for buyers.

Which brings us to Crossmint. What is crossmint?

According to the website:

Crossmint’s payment solution, Pay with Crossmint allows NFT creators to accept credit card payments for their mints—the buyer does not even need to have a crypto wallet. When buying from a Crossmint-enabled collection, buyers can choose between using a traditional wallet or going with one of the payment options provided by Crossmint: credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Nice! Essentially, Crossmint has created a platform that allows you to skip the process of crypto transactions to purchase an NFT. It’s not a bad process to buy NFTs in crypto, but the fact is that most people have not yet onboarded in the cryptoverse.

Crossmint simplifies this process substantially. So, instead of opening an account, going through KYC, getting approved, buying crypto, transferring crypto to crypto wallet, connecting to nft platform, etc. You simply sign into the platform with your email account (the way you would for most platforms these days) then mint the NFT using your credit card.

Buying is simple, fast and clean.

Additionally, over 30 NFT projects have already started using the platform.

Benefits of Crossmint

Next, one might be asking…What are the benefits of Crossmint? I already use Crypto(x) and it works fine.

Well, to be honest, there are many benefits here.

From analyzing the project, I would say the top ones include, ease, simplicity and storage are the main benefits.

Check out this demo to see how fast the whole process works:

Find the NFT, sign in with your email (or Discord), then buy it with a credit card. Very straightforward and easy, even for newbies.

Finally, as you can see from the demo above, all your NFTs are 100% yours. Purchased NFTs do not even require a wallet, they can simply be stored on the platform’s storage infrastructure. This makes it a lot easier for the NFT degens like myself who constantly check NFTs every hour or so. Except they are now all in one place.

And yes, do not worry you are able to transfer the NFTs to your other wallets:

You can choose to keep your NFTs in your Crossmint wallet or to send them to your own wallet, such as Phantom for Solana or MetaMask for Ethereum.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, the NFT landscape is changing. As time goes on, the space will evolve in parallel to NFT prices and quantity of projects. New platforms and technologies will be popping up everywhere, and we will try to cover them all in the future. As for Crossmint, we believe this is a great way to simplify the NFT minting and buying process, especially for “normies.” New users will be able to buy and store their favorite JPEGs with a simple login and credit card. No KYC, wallets, transferring, waiting, etc. For developers interested in the technology, you can check here for their API documentation. For buyers using the platform, please let us know your comments below or message us on Twitter!

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