Cosmic Condos NFT Giveaway And Staking Update

Cosmic Condos NFT Giveaway And Staking Update

Good morning, good morning! Every day that passes gets more exciting than the last, as every company rapidly converts their business model to something NFT, Metaverse or Crypto related. The writing is on the wall, 2022 will be the year of global mass adoption. TIMESTAMP! We recognized this trend a while back and it is the reason Parabolically exists…everything is about to go parabolic again. Do not mind the naysayers, bears and price action. We are going to the moon and beyond, 100%. Which is perfect, because we just discovered a totally tubular Solana NFT project — Cosmic Condos NFTs! They recently announced details about a giveaway and completed their staking mechanism. Let’s check it out below!

Cosmic Condos NFT Giveaway And Staking Update

What is Cosmic Condos NFT?

First off, a brief overview of the project. As usual, the artwork is magnificent, making it a unique project among the *mostly* garbage NFTs out there these days. It’s always the artwork that gets us, so if you have something unique and beautiful, please contact us at so we can do a write up of your project!

So what is CC NFT?

According to the website, Cosmic Condos is:

A collection of 3333 uniquely generated houses situated on Mars, powered by Solana.

I guess Mars is a top destination for cryptofolk these days. And it looks like Cosmic Condos is selling real estate up there…bullish!

The static and animated artwork is just so incredible, we have included a few of the top priced ones from Magic Eden here for your viewing pleasure throughout the post.

Thankfully, this is not just an art exposé, and the team has provided a detailed roadmap going forward.

Based on the Roadmap section of the website, there will be a ton of utilities, including access to the “Cosmic Condo Club.” This is an exclusive members zone for holders of the NFT, giving access to the project’s native marketplace, mystery boxes, GEN 2 mint and future airdrops.

Additionally, holders will be able to stake the NFT and earn $SPACEGOLD.

Highly recommend checking out the full roadmap, all project links will be listed below.

Cosmic Condos NFT Giveaway And Staking Update

Cosmic Condos NFT Giveaway!

Next, if you are not sold on the artwork, utilities and potential passive income of the project, maybe you can try your hand at the giveaway. Perhaps holding one of these NFTs in your wallet will change your mind.

To enter, check out the details from the main Twitter account:

Who wouldn’t want a sweet pad on Mars with a Tesla Cybertruck!?

Don’t forget to tag @cryptoparabola!

Staking Mechanism Status: Complete

Finally, let’s check out the details of the staking mechanism. It is always great to see projects with strong utility and potential to earn passive income. That is (theoretically) how you keep holders interested in the project, and many NFTs are now adopting this.

Check out the full details from the main Twitter account below:

Looks like this is the top method of collecting all the benefits for the project!

Collecting $SPACEGOLD will get you access to a lot of fun stuff, including the second mint and mystery boxes! It appears that the coin is verified and will be tradeable soon.

So bullish!

We will keep a close eye on this project, as it has caught our attention. For future reference, the floor price on Magic Eden is 1.36 SOL…let’s see how high this can go with all of these future developments in the works.

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Magic Eden: Cosmic Condos NFT

Moonrank: TBA

Twitter: @CosmicCondos

Discord: Cosmic Condos

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