BONE ShibaSwap Rockets Higher on BlueBit Listing and “SHIB the Metaverse” Update

BONE ShibaSwap Rockets Higher on Bluebit Listing and "SHIB the Metaverse" Update

Shiba Inu’s ecosystem is reaching new milestones by the day. We have been covering SHIB and BONE a lot lately because of the recent jump in activity. Turns out, we caught this trend early, as BONE Shibaswap is up over 100% in the past few weeks and Shiba Inu just released new information regarding their “SHIB the Metaverse” operation. These bits of news have sent the prices of BONE and interest in Shiba Inu skyrocketing (again). Let’s dive deeper into the recent news.

BlueBit Lists BONE ShibaSwap

First, let’s check in on the latest listing. As we alluded to in our previous article on BONE, there was some hype surrounding a potential listing on BlueBit via tweets from Shytoshi Kusama, a lead Shiba Inu developer. This rumour turned out to be accurate, and BlueBit officially listed BONE on their exchange.

See their official tweet below:

This follows a string of recent parternships forming to scale the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Including MEXC’s recent BONE event, where users can win BONE prizes for signing up, depositing and trading on their platform. As well as the latest announcements surrounding “SHIB the Metaverse,” where the Shiba Inu team selected a AAA game studio to build out an immersive community metaverse.

The SHIB community can feel the momentum accelerating as the team continues to make progress on the promise of completing the roadmap. Can we expect more listings and partnerships in the near future?

Time will tell…

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SHIB the Metaverse update from Shiba Inu team

SHIB the Metaverse Update

Next, let’s dive into the recent news regarding the team’s metaverse project โ€” SHIB the Metaverse.

In a recent official email and blog post, Shiba Inu updated the community on their latest intent for their custom metaverse.

The announcement begins with:

Since the announcement of THE THIRD FLOOR (TTF), we have been hard at work setting up a core structure for SHIB The Metaverse. This core structure is a combination of best practices and members that will work in order to achieve truly an immersive experience worthy of the Shiba Inu community.

Essentially, the team is combining experts from multiple parties to ensure the success of this metaverse project. This structure is put in place to ensure the community receives a top notch action plan and experience. Over the past year, the SHIB team has made it very clear that the community is their top priority.

Here are the roles mentioned:

  • AAA Studio:
  • Expert Metaverse Advisors
    Marcie Jastrow, Sherri Cuono, David Kern
  • Shib: Developers & Project Lead Team
    Shytoshi Kusama, Kaal Dhairya, Eric M

Community Feedback HUBS

Finally, the team is creating community spaces called “HUBS,” to ensure the community has an avenue to provide feedback and recommendations.

Community Feedback for SHIB The Metaverse is imperative. As we establish a better notion and understanding of how this immersive community world should act and deliver a great experience, we would like to convey your recommendations, as a first engagement, on each of the major HUBS.

These HUBS will allow the community to share their thoughts and pass them onto the relevant parties involved. This will ensure the best ideas get through, building a solid foundation for the endeavor.

We highly recommend reading the entire release, it contains a lot of information regarding future community events and the “WAGMI Temple Hub.”

Final Thoughts

As a result of these recent developments, BONE has surged over 100% this week to over $2.00! That is almost back to the all time high from the all time low in less than a month. What a sight to see in such a vicious bear market.

TradingView Chart below:

BONE ShibaSwap Rockets Higher on BlueBit Listing and "SHIB the Metaverse" Update

Overall, there have been a lot of positive developments in the past couple of weeks. This has given the SHIB ecosystem positive momentum, and it appears they will continue to deliver despite such adverse external forces.

What will come next…more listings? More metaverse news? SHIB Eternity?

We will look forward to future news from developments in the Shib ecosystem and will be covering updates freuqeuntly, so make sure to check back at Parabolically for the latest important news in Web3, and follow us on our social media channels here.

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