Bitcoin Cash Hits 52 Week High, Spearheaded by Kim Dotcom

Bitcoin Cash Hits 52 Week High, Spearheaded by Kim Dotcom

Bitcoin Cash continues to make 52 week highs on fresh optimism and widespread adoption, spearheaded by Kim Dotcom. Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you should be aware that crypto and blockchain adoption are now hitting the exponential point. If you have missed out on the multiple bull markets of the past 10 years, now is probably a good time to get in. Bitcoin and Ethereum have already pumped to all time highs and so has dogecoin, another one of our cult favorites. However, we believe Bitcoin Cash has the most potential of all the cryptos now. In fact, Bitcoin Cash is up significantly since my first article on the subject in December. Definitely read it for the full prediction. In any case, let’s see why Bitcoin Cash is pumping now.

Kim Dotcom

As with every crypto bull market, celebrities, influencers and smart money recognize the massive opportunity. They load up, then disseminate the relevant information to their followers. However, it is wise to be cautious. There are, undoubtedly, countless scam sites and ponzi schemes in the space.

Fortunately, we do a lot of research, and profit immensely as a result.

Which brings us to the issue at hand, Bitcoin Cash and its recent love affair with Kim Dotcom, a prominent early internet pioneer. Kim Dotcom has recently joined the Bitcoin Cash team, attracting much interest in the crypto. See tweet below:

Mr. Dotcom’s interest in the crypto has added enough interest in Bitcoin Cash to push the price up modestly.

The good news is, the internet millionaire has just released a new website detailing the benefits of Bitcoin Cash.

According to Bitcoin News:

On February 12, the founder of the now-defunct file-sharing website Megaupload and cryptocurrency proponent, Kim Dotcom tweeted about a new website he created that shows the upside of bitcoin cash. The web portal highlights why people should join the digital money revolution and how “cryptocurrencies stand to transform the way business and individuals exchange value.”

In our opinion, this website and the Bitcoin Cash team’s efforts to increase interest in the crypto will likely accelerate the adoption of its use. Unlike Bitcoin, which has been relegated to the status of “store of value,” Bitcoin Cash has the potential to become…crypto cash. As in, people will use it as a medium of exchange.

Check out Kim Dotcom’s website here. The site is incredible, and does a great job of explaining why Bitcoin Cash is a superior form of “medium of exchange,” far beyond anything Bitcoin Core can do.

Why Bitcoin Cash?

To ensure the audience that Parabolically is not “pumping” Bitcoin Cash, here are some reasons why we believe the crypto actually has real world uses. And, as a result of its incredible utility, we do believe the adoption of Bitcoin Cash will inevitably lead to a massive explosion in its price, currently around $700 at the time of this writing. We believe Bitcoin Cash picks up where the original concept of Bitcoin left off, due to the current Bitcoin whales’ rebranding.

So Why Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash Hits 52 Week High, Spearheaded by Kim Dotcom parabolically

First off, Bitcoin Cash is not a “store of value.” It is meant to be used in real world cases. Meaning, you convert your USD or EUR into Bitcoin Cash, then use it to purchase things, as you would with regular cash. However, the power of Bitcoin Cash (and Bitcoin) is in its limited supply. Which is why we are writing this, to get you into what we believe is the next evolution of the internet.

We are not the only ones that believe Bitcoin Cash is the original Bitcoin concept. Check out Kim Dotcom’s website again:

Bitcoin Cash Hits 52 Week High, Spearheaded by Kim Dotcom parabolically

As it states here, Bitcoin Cash is a “Fast, secure, worldwide peer to peer electronic cash system with low processing fees.” It is harder to find a better way to summarize the original concept of Bitcoin than this sentence.

We believe it wholeheartedly and would like to wake people up to the fact. Because once people realize it…it may be too late, and Bitcoin Cash will be in the thousands of dollars.

Really Bitcoin Cash is better than Bitcoin???

Of course it is…Bitcoin is the equivalent of the first Macintosh computer compared to BCH, which is like a modern day gaming computer. Particularly, in terms of transaction speed and cost of transaction (fraction of a bitcoin transaction).

Bitcoin Cash Hits 52 Week High, Spearheaded by Kim Dotcom parabolically
Bitcoin Cash Hits 52 Week High, Spearheaded by Kim Dotcom parabolically

We will save some energy and room for the next blog on Bitcoin Cash, there is a lot to discuss. Needless to say, we are very BULLISH.

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Fibonacci Levels To Watch

In my tweet below, you can see the Fibonacci extensions from the all time high to the all time low. Excuse the spelling mistake lol And also make sure you are following me on twitter.

We are waiting for BCH to clear the all time high first before getting too excited. But once it does, the next logical step will be approximately $5050 USD.

Yes, it can reach that, the same way that Ethereum, Bitcoin and Dogecoin have both reached several Fibonacci extension levels already.

If you want our real Bitcoin Cash price prediction, we think this monster will reach $15,000+ per coin by 2025. And yes, we are very well positioned (entry in December around $350).

Stay vigilant, this crypto can move extremely rapidly, considering it has the same quantity of coins as Bitcoin!

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