About Us

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What Is Parabolically?

Parabolically is a project designed to share useful information and content that may help improve one’s market trading experience. Our site focuses on the primary financial markets, including US publicly traded stocks, SPACs, cryptocurrencies and upcoming IPOs. Some may say we are obsessed.

Since this project is in its infancy, we may choose to add additional categories to our content. This may include any product, service, etc. that has the potential to go parabolic in price. For example, we have noticed Pokemon card prices are surging, so that is the next potential target for content.

Are We Financial Advisors?

No, we are not financial advisors, and are not legally licensed to provide trading advice beyond our capacity as private speculators. Parabolically’s team of writers only focuses on sharing valid and well sourced information and opinions. Nothing in these articles, or any form of content, is intended to be taken as trading advice beyond a potential explanation or setup for a trade. Remember to always do your own research.

Where Are You Located?

Our team of writers is wholly based in the continental United States.

Do You Sell Anything?

Parabolically may, from time to time, choose to sell branded or affiliate merchandise for the purpose of expanding our team. This may include T-Shirts, custom made products or virtual products.

Do You Provide Any Additional Services?

Parabolically may in the future, and from time to time, provide new additional services. This may include a private trading group, affiliate links to trusted investing services, or anything within the legal scope of services in the financial market space.


Parabolically pays strict attention to laws and regulations within the scope of financial markets as well as copyright laws. We provide unique content and no content is ever intended to infringe on others’ intellectual property rights. If there is ever an issue or potential infringement of your intellectual property, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately to remedy the situation.