3D Sol Kitties Breeding for the Metaverse

Goood morning degens and cool cats out there! Hope you have been enjoying the great articles we have been publishing lately. To be honest, it is getting a lot harder to find quality NFT projects out there. We will continue to try to bring you superior ones, so if you have an excellent crypto of NFT venture, don’t forget to reach out to us here. Thankfully, we always have something good lined up. Which brings us to the Sol Kitties NFT collection! There have been a lot of announcements in this community project and it looks like the team is making big strides on their roadmap. See what they are up to below!

3D Sol Kitties Breeding for the Metaverse

What is Sol Kitties NFT?

First, it’s always good to get a background on the project to put the announcement in perspective. Also, how cool is the 3D art?

According to the Magic Eden Description:

3080 High-quality kitties living on the #Solana blockchain. Staking rewards is officially live with daily Kitty Coins rewards available in the project’s Discord server. Roadmap v2.0 is heavily underway with a 3D Collection and a P2E Game coming soon

The original 2D collection was minted on January 6th, 2022, currently selling on Magic Eden with a floor price of .9 SOL.

Second roadmap was recently released with a significant amount of updates. These include Discord events and games (Discord is very active with about 10,500 members). As well as staking upgrades for the NFTs, 3D breeding chamber mint and a Metaverse game with native token ($SKT) to be released towards the end of the year. Full roadmap in the #Roadmap-V2 channel on their Discord.


You can follow the team with these links:

Website: Solkitties.net

Twitter: @SolKitties

Instagram: @SolKittiesNFT

Discord: SolKitties Invite

Magic Eden: Sol Kitties

What’s all this about 3D Breeding Pods?

3D Sol Kitties Breeding for the Metaverse

How 3D Sol Kitties Breeding Works

Sol Kitties team made a big announcement around Mid February to upgrade the original 2D Sol Kitties NFTs to 3D ones. This is accomplished through breeding via the breeding pods on the website.

How it works:

The 3D Breeding Pods are a unique and innovative way to breed a 3D Sol Kitty into the meteverse, the breed duration is 30 days. You can even put a 2D Sol Kitty inside the pod and get an identical 3D Kitty, how cool is that?

To upgrade your original NFT in the 3D pod will cost 1.5 SOL and can be commenced on the website here.

Why upgrade your 2D Sol Kitty?

Well, for starters the 3D art is AWESOME. We are huge suckers for art, as you may know.

However, there are utility benefits to this as well:

  • Pod Price: 1.5 SOL
  • Life time Stake Multiplier of 1.5x to the total Staked balance
  • Burn and Breed 2D into 3D
  • Elite Kitty will be able to repair their pod for 0.5 SOL granting 1 more breed

According to the official announcement, the breeding process completes after 30 days. And yes, you can actually watch the NFTs transform!

Additionally, these are only the utility benefits. In the next couple months, the team plans to build and release a P2E Metaverse game and employ beta testers to try out the game. You can find all of the info and sign up for the beta test in the Discord channels.

Kitties + Metaverse Game = 🐱

3D Sol Kitties Breeding for the Metaverse

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, we are very fortunate to continue finding such awesome projects with such great artwork. NFT projects that build a foundation on strong art, then move towards enduring utility are our top choice for potential winners in the future. We think it is fair to say that Sol Kitties has designed beautiful artwork and is working on building big things, from the breeding pod upgrade to a P2E metaverse based game and $SKT native token for rewards. We will update more as time goes on and the roadmap milestones are hit. For now enjoy the artwork and fun community in the Discord!

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